One of my favorite pastimes is to go hiking. I love being in nature and it’s a relief to get away from my phone, computer, and all that civilization offers. There’s something therapeutic about being alone in nature, simply enjoying the breeze or the beauty of it all. Now that I’m a mother, I’ve found it difficult to return to the outdoors. When I want to get away from it all, I remember that I have a young child that needs my constant care. Eventually, I decided that I could have the best of both worlds by investing in a baby carrier.

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Now that I am able to return to nature, I feel more revitalized and ready to take on life’s challenges. There’s also a new element of having my little boy with me, it allows him to experience my favorite activities at such a young age, and who knows maybe it will instill in him a love for nature. With him by my side it really puts it all in perspective. Instead of being alone in nature which I had previously yearned for, now I am with my little one present. There’s something special about doing things with the people you love, and this is no different. If you love hiking or just being out and about in nature as much as I do, a baby carrier is a must have so that you can return to your favorite place, with your favorite person, while shedding some of the weight accrued from child-labor. I wish you all the best in rediscovering yourself with the newest member of your family!