Normally, pigs want to root, and the micro ones are no exception given that it remains in their nature. If you have a yard, discover an appropriate area with shelter, where they can stroll around at particular times.

This is perfect when they are still under a year of age however when they grow larger, you might think about letting them remain outside for the majority of the time.

While they are still little though, about 6-10 months old, it is advised that you produce a regulated environment for them. A gate just like those utilized for young children or young puppies must be positioned to obstruct the entrance of their area.

Given that teacup pigs are smart and tidy, they can quickly discover how to utilize package with appropriate training. For food meals, a flat pie pan will do, and a canine drinking can be utilized for water. Make sure that the location you decide to be the piggy home is draft-free for their security.

Prepare your expectations ahead of time that the charming, small pig you received from the breeder will stay the very same. If you have not seen the size of their moms and dads, you have to anticipate they’ll grow larger.

They are undoubtedly wonderful family pets and can easily suit a teacup throughout their childhood, however, a totally grown pixie pig will naturally grow out of the teacup. At this moment, let me caution you that a lot of breeders out there today might declare that their litter will just mature to a specific size.

Beware of these claims as nobody can truly ensure exactly what size can mini pigs grow.