Privacy is far more complicated these days. A lot of times, you are exposing different information about yourself even if you are not aware of it. This information is called your information doppelganger. These are data that can predict what you are going to do. It goes far beyond what marketers do to target their consumers. These days, it can even be used by financial institutions whether or not to accept your loan. Or perhaps, insurance companies can even use your online data in order to determine how much premium you are supposed to pay.

Data exploitation is used by different companies and industries today. In fact, even the government is using this. In reality, it is inevitable that this is happening. Could there be a law to regulate who collects, use, and access our data? So far, law makers are having a hard time to formulate a rule that can help prevent people’s data from being taken without their permission.

Is it all bad?

A lot of people think that data exploitation is all bad. In reality, this isn’t as bad as it sounds. A lot of times, terrorist attacks are prevented by carefully monitoring users online. How many hours are they watching propaganda that could potentially lead to terrorist activities? Do they like pages containing hateful propaganda? These are things that make police forces to anticipate what could happen next.

It is also beneficial for companies. Can you imagine looking at someone’s Facebook and see patterns of ranting on his or her feed?

How do you protect your information?

Is there any way that you can protect yourself from data exploitation? In reality, today, you have no other choice but to have an online presence. Whether you are starting your own business or you are planning to get hired by a company, it is important that you are visible online. Therefore, it is hard to eradicate online exploitation. The good news though is that you can minimize negative things that can be associated on you.

You can do this by not sharing anything personal about yourself. It is also best if you don’t post any of your political views especially when you are emotional on social media. This can bring not only debate, but it can also say a lot about you. You will never know when this can be used against your favor.

Also, you may want to keep your personal social media accounts private. Instagram is another social media platform wherein a lot of information can be said about you. The same can be said about Facebook. You don’t want to also add people who you really don’t know. You want people you know to be the ones in your network, and not random people.