If you have actually ever got a call from a financial obligation collector you fit this classification. It’s horrible getting collection calls and the collectors are unclear in some cases. So let’s sue them, right?


Taking legal action against a debt collection agency can look like the proper way to set about a bothering call or an unjustified financial obligation on your credit. The reality is that 999 from 1000 times this is the incorrect thing to do. Do not get me incorrect you might be in the right and they are 100% incorrect. That does not indicate that you will, in fact, win the claim.

Let me describe why.

Firstly you need to show beyond a doubt that they deliberately pestered you or put an unjustified financial obligation on your credit report. This is almost impossible to do. Let’s take the very first scenario into factor to consider, bugging call. You would need to show exactly what they stated was an offense of law.

You also need to keep in mind that you’re going to need a great lawyer such asĀ Baker Govern and Baker.

Do you understand all the precise phrasing they can utilize and exactly what they cannot? You would likewise need to have your call under tape-recording that you tape-recorded and kept. Do you tape-record all your calls? I understand that I do not.

The next scenario is they are reporting unfair costs on your credit report. This one is a little simpler to win, however still truly difficult to do. The reason this is so challenging to win is their right to exactly what is called the “bonafide mistake stipulation”. This is generally their get out of jail totally free card.