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Yes and no. To me, hiring this san diego maid service is a service choice, and a time management decision, as well as a decision concerning the way I want my house to look and just how much effort I’m able to personally save by getting this out of the way. A lot more compared to a clean toilet (which I need to clean up lot of times in between their visits here anyway), what maid just right offers me is time– time to have in the middle of the day when my baby is snoozing, as an example. I’m much more likely to tidy while the baby is wide awake, because I could include her in that as well as engage with her while I clean. It’s not so simple to include her in responding to a bunch of e-mails or writing this post, so I prefer to do those things while she’s resting.

In a first-world country, the majority of us have preferences of one type or one more, whether it’s that beauty salon hairstyle or gourmet coffee. I have actually surrendered a few of my “luxuries”, like the premium cable plan, to make space in our budget for cleaning solutions. To me, that tiny sacrifice is absolutely worth it, however someone else could have a different preference.

The fact that I am able to choose like this about the way I invest my time is a privilege by worldly standards. Yet if you read these words using your individual high-speed internet connection, you are probably also really blessed by world requirements. A lot of individuals drive much nicer vehicles compared to me, and stay in much better residences than I do. Does that make them “more privileged” than me? That doesn’t make them poor individuals, nor does it imply they aren’t knowledgeable about their privilege … but we all should realize how blessed we are and what an amazing commodity it is to be able to get a cleaning service.