When you’re playing softball there are many rules, tips, and tricks that will help you get the most out of your game. Like any sport, it’s important to be safe and avoid injury so you can continue to enjoy the sport for many years to come!

Lets start with some general knowledge about softball itself:

The first thing we will talk about is the offensive team.

The offensive team or the batting group sends out one batsman at a time into the field for batting or hitting the ball. When the batsman strikes the ball into a reasonable area, he or she must sprint to the first base. While going to first base, the batter is called a batter-runner. When she safely reaches first base, she becomes a base runner or runner.

The pitcher normally attempts to toss the ball so that it will go through the strike zone of the batsman. In some top level game play, an extremely proficient pitcher might throw the ball outside the strike zone and bait the batsman to swing his/her bat.


If the batsman does not swing or if a pitch is not a strike then it is called a No Pitch. A count in softball is the number of balls and strikes, here you can find the number of balls constantly stated. A count of 3 and 2 is a complete count. In top level matches, pitchers try to throw the ball as fast as they can at the external and inner corners of the plate.
While tossing the ball, the pitcher can differ the height of throwing the ball so that it’s even harder for the batsman to strike the ball. A pitcher should attempt to toss the ball as hard as they can.

The primary aim of the pitcher should be to toss the ball in such a way that it should pass the person batting and fly into to the gloves of catcher who is sitting at the home base. The toss and pitch is made with an underarm motion.

In fast-pitch style of game, the pitcher throws the ball in a wind mill motion style. Windmill motion is a movement where the pitcher extends the tossing hand around the body and launches the ball at the hip level ensuring optimal speed of the ball.

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