When looking for a DUI Attorney you’ll want to check out local DUI attorneys in your area and also ask around among in touch with the friends who have had experience with the type of attorney you’re looking for. You might also check with organizations like your respective state’s Bar Association and Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys.

Select a group of prospective attorneys from these and have discussions with them to gain a better understanding about their success rate, fees and to get a general feel for how they operate.

Pick an attorney that understands the local laws & regulations. He must be fully licensed to practice in your state. By doing this, the attorney is going to be available when the judge announces the particular date of the hearing for your case.

Also, keep in mind and having an attorney that is well known and respected in the area it can work to your benefit and that alone could help you to get a reduced sentence or fine.

When you’re involved in DWI or DUI cases, you have to understand that the odds of you coming out unscathed (financially and emotionally) are just about impossible. Hence, pick an attorney who’s very honest about the case and tells you the truth about what you can expect your outcome to be. Finding a good lawyers can be difficult, luckily we have experience in selecting lawyers with proven records like Parks & Braxton, PA.

Fatal accidents will virtually assure you a jail sentence, and the lawyer must be brutally honest with you about this as well. Stay away from lawyers that promise to get you out of a DUI situation altogether.