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Bifocal contact lenses could be the answer for you. Why do I require glasses is a very common question. As young men and women, we have a remarkable capability to focus our eyes. As we age, our ability to focus at close up slowly decreases until we’re about 40 years old, we begin to discover that it takes a considerable effort to read. We need much more light compared to what we used to. The print quality needs to be good. We can’t read as well in the mid-day. In some cases we could see up close, but when we look up, distance is blurred. From the age of 40 to about the mid 60’s we observe the decrease of our vision. These are all indicators of presbyopia.

The bright side is we have much better alternatives offered compared to ever before. Bifocal call lenses truly do work. Progressive enhancement bifocal glasses likewise are much better than they have ever before been. More than 90% of our individuals over 40 have picked frameless progressive lenses over the old style framed lenses.

Bifocal contact lenses offer excellent lifestyle alternatives. 80 percent of our individuals that try out bifocal contact lenses succeed. Bifocal contact lenses generally satisfy 60 to 80% of a person’s needs. Bifocal contact lenses enhance a patient’s way of life by making it possible to do things like write checks and read menus. Without bifocal contacts, when somebody hands you something to read, the very first thing you do is try to find your reading glasses. If you are wearing your bifocal contact lenses you could probably read it without your reading glasses. You might require reading glasses for something extremely little such as taking a sliver out of a finger or reading the back of a medication bottle, but luckily we do not do those things that regularly.

There are lots of alternatives with bifocal contact lenses. Modern bifocal contact lenses are offered in gas permeable and disposable lens materials. We currently have a lot more adaptability in our contact lens using daily disposable, 2 week, month-to-month an quarterly substitute choices. Call Just Bifocals to figure out how to get bifocal lenses.